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Meal Time Magic

Transform Mealtimes into Your Favorite Time of Day.

Practical support to empower you to feed your family with ease. Enabling children to eat well and develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. 

  • Does the idea of meal times fill you with dread?

  • Do you feel like a short-order cook? Creating several different meals for different members of the family?

  • Do you struggle to know what to cook and how to get your children to eat it?

  • Do you worry if your children are getting the right nutrients?

  • Do you struggle with fussy eating?

Let go of stress and worry at mealtimes and feed your children with confidence and ease

Raising children to eat well and enjoy food is often easier said than done. Information on what kids should eat is plentiful, but that doesn't always translate into what our little ones want to eat. Let alone a good vibe at the dinner table!

This 3-hour workshop will empower you. Giving you the confidence to meal plan like a boss, and create nourishing meals the whole family will enjoy. Raise children who eat well and have a positive relationship with food nurturing their body confidence and autonomy. 

Feed your family with ease​

In this workshop, you'll leave feeling set up for success:

  • Feel confident knowing what and how to feed your children of all ages. 

  • Know how to raise an adventurous eater that will willingly try and learn to enjoy what you prepare. 

  • Learn how to raise a child who will delightfully devour fruit and veggies.

  • Start meal planning like a boss - quick nutritious meal ideas for busy parents that the whole family will love.

  • Nurture your child's relationship with food and create healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Nurturing your child's body confidence and autonomy.

  • How to manage those so-called "forbidden foods" eg. sugar.


Bonus extras:

  • Receive a copy of our family recipe guide, and our Food Tree recipe planner.

  • Have dedicated you-time in the workshop to focus on your individual goals for feeding your family.

  • Time to ask your burning nutrition questions from one of New Zealand's leading experts in family feeding. 


Hosted by Rachael Wilson,
Paediatric dietitian & Family feeding specialist

Rachael is a paediatric dietitian and family feeding specialist with a wide variety of experience and skills. Trained in SOS feeding therapy, Rachael is one of only 7 people worldwide selected by the Ellyn Satter institute in the USA to become one of their affiliate child feeding specialists.

She has a background in mindfulness and intuitive eating and is trained in mindful eating through The Centre for Mindful Eating and has undergone training in responsive feeding therapy, eating disorders and body image.

Don't miss out!

Here's what other parents are saying...

"Brilliant talk. So interesting and all of what was said makes perfect sense. Highly recommend"

"I learned so much from the presentation! Thank you. I am much more relaxed when it meal time now and my kids have become much easier to feed."

Isabelle Vincent

"I’m a huge fan of The Food Tree and their approach to mindful eating practices with children. They’re informative, knowledgeable, helpful and gentle. I’ve been to a few of their workshops now, and each time I come away with new tools on how to create a positive experience for children at meal times."

Gemma Vergo

"If you have the opportunity to attend one of their seminars, do it!!"

"Evidence-based, practical and empathetic advice that has helped our family relax at meal times

- highly recommend!"

"It's crazy - My 2 year old daughter has been sitting here for dinner for an 1hr 20 minutes eating constantly... cucumber, capsicum, roast chicken, bread, strawberries, banana, cheese... and now she is trying coleslaw for the first time... and asking for second helpings of chicken... WTF happened to my child. This talk is amazing!


Thank you, I still have more to learn, but this is day 2 of trying your techniques at home. Thank you, from Lana (the lady with the daughter that only ate bananas and capsicum)"

Let go of stress and worry at mealtimes and feed your children with confidence and ease.

Create some meal time magic in your home.

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