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Feeding Happiness

What would children's lives be like if they ate well and felt good about their bodies?

  • Imagine meal times without the stress and fuss.
  • Create a feeding environment that grows confidence, health and happiness
  • Heal your own relationship with food so you can raise children who don't need to

What We Offer

Resources and guidance to support teachers and parents with children's nutrition, health and body image 


The Food Tree books and online programmes

Nutrition Clinic

Personal consult with Rachael our paediatric and family dietitian


Workshops and professional development sessions


Rachael was a great help. Giving us professional advice on how to transition our child to solids. She was very knowledgeable and practical. We felt so much more confident about our baby's diet after her consultation and all her suggestions worked. Now our girl is 16 months, and we are pleased with the variety of foods she eats. It was a big relief to know our child has built a good foundation of eating habits at very early stage. We wouldn't have any hesitation to contact Rachael for help in the future.

-       - Elise, mother of Sara

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