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"I love the knowledge and support you get through The Food Tree. Highly recommend their services, especially the presentations."

  • Nikki, Auckland

"Amazing ladies doing amazing things for mamas and babies! Thank you for the support to get my little one into her food! Your evidence and empathy based approach is refreshing."

  • Rebecca, Auckland

"Absolutely loved both seminars that I went to! Noticed instant results putting into practice what I learnt at the "peace at the dinner table". dinner time is actually amazing. the 2nd night the boys were both eating thing that normally would have got thrown. thanks so much xx"

  • Sharron, Bay of Plenty

"I attended a workshop with those lovely ladies last year in October which was extremely helpful and eye opening, yet simple to implement and understand. Since then we have changed a few things about how to deal with out toddler and that made a HUGE difference with her attitude towards food and that enabled us to relax and let little miss enjoy her meals. Since then, I have had a serious concern regarding my toddler’s relatively recent obsession with chocolate. I contacted those ladies again and they promptly replied to my concerns and gave me great advice, which I followed and started noticing a difference from day one. Highly recommend The Food Tree to any parent and My partner and I will be definitely attending more workshops."

  • Bassma, Auckland


"Just leaving the Baby Led Weaning seminar and feeling empowered and very positive about continuing Eloïse's food discovery. Rachael debunked few myths and shared with us very interesting ideas. I will attend more of TFT seminars as my baby grow."

  • Marion, Auckland

"Fantastic seminar tonight! Highly recommend 💞 content was incredibly relevant and delivered in such a heart-felt manner. Beautiful goodie bag and gorgeous refreshments too, which were a lovely bonus for a great night out ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

  • Jess, Auckland

"Fantastic seminar, lovely presenters."

  • Jo, Auckland

"The informed research-based information & the way it all makes sense x"

  • Amy, Palmerston North

"We went to the seminar at the parenting place this week and it was fantastic. my kids are veeeery fussy eaters (coupled with food intolerences) so I'm excited to get the ball rolling. to have this stress removed would be the biggest weight lifted for me. So far miss 4 has adapted well and meal times with her are so much easier and actually enjoyable!! the 2.5 year old is more challenging and isn't happy about not being able to graze when he wants to. But I'm focusing on the long term instead of just the short term. I couldn't reccomend the seminar enough - what I learnt filters through into every aspect of your relationship with your kids too. building trust, letting them have more autonomy of themselves, creating stronger bonds. and in the end its creating a good relationship with food! Highly recommend :)"

  • Rhiannon, Bay of Plenty

"Crazy - My 2 year old daughter has been sitting here for dinner for an 1hr 20 minutes eating constantly... cucumber, capsicum, roast chicken, bread, strawberries, banana, cheese .... and now she is trying coleslaw for the first time ... and asking for second helpings of chicken ... wtf happened to my child. This talk is amazing ! Thank you, I still have more to learn, but this is day 2 of trying your techniques at home ! Thank you ... from Lana ( the lady with the daughter that only eats banana and capsicum! )"

  • Lana, Auckland

"If you have the opportunity to attend one of their seminars, do it!!"

  • Tracey, Auckland

"Rachael was a great help. Giving us professional advice on how to transition our child to solids. She was very knowledgeable and practical. We felt so much more confident about our baby's diet after her consultation and all her suggestions worked. Now our girl is 16 months, and we are pleased with the variety of foods she eats. It was a big relief to know our child has built a good foundation of eating habits at very early stage. We wouldn't have any hesitation to contact Rachael for help in the future."​

  • Elise, mother of Sara

"I'm so relieved to have found The Food Tree! There is a real information void out there when it comes to the practical nitty-gritty of what and how to feed your kids in a way that fosters a healthy relationship with food, self, family and the planet. The Food Tree really fills this void and their approach is holistic, evidence-informed, pragmatic and warm. As a mum of a fussy eater their online guidance  for fussy eaters is gold and has saved our family much meal time stress!"​

  • Bronwin, mother of Adam and Samantha

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