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Find Peace at the Dinner Table

Practical support from the experts to put an end to fussy eating and raise a happy healthy eater


Hosted by Rachael Wilson,
Paediatric dietitian & Family feeding specalist

Rachael is a paediatric dietitian and family feeding specialist with a wide variety of experience and skills. Trained in SOS feeding therapy, Rachael is one of only 7 people worldwide selected by the Ellyn Satter institute in the USA to become one of their affiliate child feeding specialists.

She has a background in mindfulness and intuitive eating and is trained in mindful eating through The Centre for Mindful Eating and has undergone training in responsive feeding therapy, eating disorders and body image.

Top tips for dealing with fussy eating

Practical easy to apply strategies that put an end to mealtime stress and help you raise a child who is a joy to feed. 


Paediatric dietitian and child feeding specialist Rachael uses these strategies with even the most selective fussy eater.

Feel more confident at mealtimes and support your child to eat a wider range and variety of foods

Raise a child that has a positive relationship with food and their body

Developing a positive relationship with food and our bodies is key to achieving overall health and wellness.


Children who are confident in their bodies, who eat a variety of food, and enjoy being at the table, have skills that help them experience both health and happiness.

How and What to feed your child

With so much conflicting information on nutrition, it can be hard to understand what to put on the table. Let alone having the time to prepare and cook it. 

With over 20 years of experience in nutrition and as a busy mum, Rachael puts together tips to help make mealtimes easier and less stressful.

Managing so-called "forbidden foods"

Foods that are high in sugar and fat are often marketed to children.

Learn how to approach these foods in a balanced way teaching children how to tune into their body and eating as much as they're hungry for without bingeing or eating to excess

Top tips for managing  with fussy eating

Top tips for managing  with fussy eating

Raise a child that has a positive relationship with food and their body

Top tips for managing  with fussy eating

About the programme:

The course is delivered in x easy to understand videos that you can watch at your own pace


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