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About Us

The Food Tree is tended to by us, Rachael and Lorren.

The opening chapter of our story began as one mum helping another mum, supporting each other. And that’s what we keep doing today. But now we’re welcoming you to be supported too. From the first time we got talking at a playgroup for our kids, we knew our values were aligned. Our complementary career paths and parenting approach drew us together. We bonded over navigating the expectations of motherhood, walking the talk of healthy body positivity, and sifting through the overwhelming amount of parenting information out there.

There had to be an easier way to help the whole family enjoy a wide range of food, feel good about their bodies, and feel connected to the world around them.

So we put our heads together. We combined Rachael’s extensive background in nutrition and Lorren’s expertise as a registered early childhood teacher and we came up with The Food Tree. A place where happy families could raise healthy kids, connect with each other and find peace at the dinner table.


Hi, I'm Rachael

I confess that I’m becoming mildly obsessed with becoming more sustainable.


I’ve always been interested in the relationships people have with food, which is probably why I became a registered paediatric dietitian and nutritionist, and am also a qualified mindful eating coach. I’m a busy mum of two young girls and so I have very recent first-hand knowledge of juggling all that this brings.

I know it’s normal for all kids to go through times of picky eating as they explore their own independence and push limits at mealtimes. I can share strategies that work so that parents know how to manage this.


I’ve combined my fascination with food psychology and mindfulness to help my children.

I’ve deciphered the research and seen it work in my own family, so now I’m excited to share this with you so your family can reap the benefits too.


Hi, I am Lorren

I’m a registered early childhood teacher and qualified forest school leader. The Forest School approach has been transformational for me, watching kids grow in confidence, reaching their potential, and resolving challenging behaviour.

I’ve seen this approach help kids learn where their food comes from and how our bodies work, which is essential for nurturing kids that are confident eaters.

As a mum I’ve also had to overcome the challenges of food battles and table tears. My two year old daughter is living proof that these strategies really work, as she now devours anything from her home-grown basil to sushi or chicken curry.

Please note:

Lorren is currently taking leave from The Food Tree to work on another project. She maintains involvement in an advisory capacity only at the moment.

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