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Nutrition Clinic

We offer expert advice delivered with kindness.
Want nutrition advice tailored to you or your child's needs?

With so much conflicting information it can be difficult to know how to best nourish yourself and your family. As a dietitian with nearly 20 years experience I've supported hundreds of families with nutrition challenges, to find peace with food whilst nurturing a positive body image.


I’ve worked with such a variety of people over the years and helped with:

  • The fussy eater who will only eat 5 foods (yes only 5 in total!)

  • The Mum who wants to manage her child's allergy or food intolerance in a way that still enables him to feel good about eating.

  • The child with ASD and sensory processing issues who will only eat white foods.

  • The dad who wants to look at his own relationship with food so he can support his child to enjoy eating.

  • The mum who has had a baby and wants to feel good about her body.

  • The parents who are desperately worried about their child as he will not eat any fruits or veggies.