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Planting the Seeds of Positive Nutrition, Body Image, and mental fitness in Early Childhood.

Professional nutrition support and wellbeing education for child care settings

The Food Tree provides a range of resources and support to help you thrive. Contact us today to improve health and well-being outcomes for your kaiako, tamariki and their whānau. Fostering a culture of wellness for your whole centre community.


Cultivating Healthier Futures

New Zealand's commitment to our youth's well-being is clear, but there's room for positive change. It's time to shape policies and practices that nurture both their health and happiness.


New Zealand's health statistics underscore the need for action.
Time for some harsh facts:


  • Over half of under 5's aren't getting enough veggies

  • Half don't meet the fruit intake

  • Eating disorders have doubled over two decades

  • 38% of 4-year-olds express body image concerns

  • A quarter of Kiwi children encounter anxiety

Early childhood marks a vital period of unparalleled growth and development. Optimal nutrition plays a pivotal role in fostering overall health, development, and well-being. This crucial stage supports children, enabling them to expand their palate, forge positive relationships with food and bodies, and establish the foundations for enduring positive outcomes in physical and mental health.

In partnership with ECE centres, we facilitate the creation of positive environments, routines, and rituals that nurture positive nutrition, mental health, body image, and self-care. These foundations extend to the well-being of centre staff, tamariki, and their Whanau, fostering a holistic approach.

Together, we empower and cultivate lasting change, nurturing the growth of confident and resilient individuals for the future generation.

Navigating the world of the early childhood centres is our forte, and we offer expert, evidence-based support tailored to your needs. 

Does your centre need support with:

Developing a positive eating environment in your centre

Growing happy, healthy eaters and body confident children

Practical strategies for supporting mental wellbeing 

Raising Mindful and Resilient Children 

Early childhood centre menu reviews and development.

Our registered dietitian and child feeding specialist Rachael Wilson will work alongside you to help your whole centre community to thrive. We understand that every centre is unique and our workshops and tailored supports are designed exclusively for you. Make a booking today. 


Professional development for Early Childhood Centres

The world of ECE well-being is our forte. We partner with your centre community to provide professional development for your kaiako and centre chefs, support tailored to your needs. Enabling you to create environments that foster the foundations for lifelong health and happiness.


Workshops and support for caregivers and Whanau

Over the years, we've supported hundreds of families in fostering bringing peace to their dinner tables, while also cultivating essential skills that promote children's mental health and well-being and foster a healthier relationship with food and their bodies.


Nutrition support and menu development

We specialise in expert guidance and custom menus for your centre, stemming from collaboration between a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and an ECE-experienced chef. We equip you to manage allergies, cultural considerations, and safety guidelines, while empowering your chefs with insights that enhance your menu to exceed dietary standards.

Centres and organisations we've partnered with 


Together, we can empower and cultivate lasting change. Nurturing resilient kids who radiate confidence and happiness, comfortable in their own skin.

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