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How can this guide support you?

Are meal times a cause of stress in your home? Does your child’s behaviour often leave you confused and frustrated because they refuse food?


This guide will support you in creating meal time routines that enable the whole family to flourish. Instead of a dinner time battle-ground, dinner will become a favourite time of the day, providing nourishment for tummies, hearts and minds.


What if meal times became an opportunity to build and strengthen skills that will sustain you not only at the table but in all life’s challenges with your child - at the table and beyond? Creating a growth mindset in your child will not only open them to try new food but open to more experiences in life.


A growth mindset is a positive way of looking at life.  When we view challenges as opportunities to learn, it means we can adapt and thrive in many situations. By taking this approach to our parenting and sharing this approach to life with our children, we are nurturing confidence, resilience, health and happiness.


The routine of sharing a meal together has the potential to foster important life skills, build relationships, communication ability and physical skill, to name just a few, yet, for many, this daily event is a source of stress.


Mealtimes are the perfect time to feed this positive disposition. A daily opportunity to connect and share an experience that can nourish more than our tummies!  


We want to support your family to enjoy peaceful meals together. We believe the dining table is the perfect place to feed a growth mindset, for the whole family.


Coming together for meals offers such rich moments in our day to nourish not only our tummies, but also to nurture our hearts, minds and relationships.


    • Understanding your child’s development holds the key to responding to meals in a way that supports learning and builds relationships.
    • Just as your child is learning about the world around them, you too are learning to be their parent.


    • Our guide offers strategies to understand where your child is at right now.
    • We help you identify and build on your own parenting strengths.
    • Prevent meal time battles, find confidence in your parenting decisions and nurture a child who is a joy to share a meal with.


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