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What we can do for you

At The Food Tree we can help your family thrive and find peace and balance, emotionally and physically, through food and mindfulness. We use our knowledge about food and nutrition to support families to grow healthy kids.

We love hearing parents come back and tell us how they've transformed meal times for their family.

  • No more stress at meal times

  • Everyone eating the same meal

  • Confident that you can manage any situation the mealtime throws at you


Every little success towards happier and more peaceful family mealtime fill us with joy and is the reason we do what we do.

Whether its help with reducing mealtimes stresses, how to manage if you think you've got a fussy eater on your hands or untangling conflicting information about what your kids should be eating.

Maybe it's life hacks, and having a really good place to find easy healthy recipes that all the family will love (even your so-called 'fussy eater').

Or walking alongside you to mentor growing healthy kids through the minefield of nourishing their body and avoiding body image issues.

We want to share our experiences and expertise. Helping to raise happy kids that eat freely in connection with themselves and nature.

Happy kids that have a relationship and connection with nature and care for the world around them.

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