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A simple salad with grilled halloumi


• approx. 100-150g Halloumi (half a normal-sized supermarket pack)

• rocket/spinach/mesclun/kale or other mixed green salad leaves. 3-4 handfuls.

• cherry tomatoes a small handful cut in halves

• 1/2 cup tinned sweetcorn

• 1 carrot grated

• black sesame seeds or poppy seeds

• a handful of pomegranate seeds.

(If you need to know how to deseed a pomegranate watch this


  • slice halloumi into slices around 1cm thick and place in a hot frying pan. No need to use any oil.

  • After a minute or two, the halloumi will begin to release some liquid. Don’t flip the cheese just yet. Wait until the liquid has all been released, and any excess liquid has evaporated.

  • A salty substance will be left in the pan, which will turn golden brown when all the liquid has gone. Once this happens then flip and repeat on the other side. The first side could take around 5-7mins to cook but once flipped it will cook a lot quicker in around 2mins.

  • Add all the salad ingredients to a large salad bowl top with halloumi and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

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