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Managing Easter in Lockdown

Easter is going ahead and Jacinda Adern has elevated the Easter bunny to the list of essential services permitted to operate this lockdown period.

In Ireland, the Taoiseach has granted a special Eggs-emption for the easter bunny to travel freely delivering this year.

That's great news for our little ones, however, now parents might be thinking about how to handle all that sugar. Especially with rain and storms that are forecast here in New Zealand and the idea of being cooped up inside all day.

We understand for many people life is a real struggle right now, the pressure on time, finances and availability is just might not be possible for everyone to celebrate in the way that they would want.

If you can and want to celebrate with Easter eggs, but are still worried about how to manage all that sweet stuff- we can help.

Some parents may be searching for ‘Easter egg alternatives’ or with limited access to the shops, they might be considering going chocolate free as an excuse to avoid having to face dealing with the indulgence altogether.

For those who are free to eat any ingredient (including sugar, dairy, gluten and all the rest of it), the choices can feel very overwhelming. Dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, natural colourings, carob, organic, pure candy options even. All in bright colourful packaging, with cartoon bunnies, or the latest TV characters for that extra appeal. It’s even possible to buy Easter eggs made entirely of whole food ingredients, such as nuts, coconut and cacao.

If you are able to access chocolate this Easter and are not restricted in any way? How can we know what is best? Should we be looking for a healthier option? and how much sugar should we let our children eat?

Easter (even one in lockdown) can be the perfect time to support children to learn how to self regulate. Whilst there is such fear created around sugar. We know from