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The joys of the Buddha bowl for supporting food exploration

The other day my children had already eaten (a quick easy dinner of beans on toast before bed) and my husband came home having already eaten Pizza at work. I decided to cook myself exactly what I felt like eating, just for myself, which never usually happens!

So I made a Buddha Bowl (or plate in my case as I don't have any nice large bowls at the moment). Some of you asked for the recipe so here's what I made myself.

- Baby broccoli

- Edamame beans (shelled)

- Grated carrot

- Sliced radish

- A couple of slices of avocado

- Cooked baby beetroot chopped

- Freekeh

- A handful of rocket

- Some tinned sweetcorn

- A handful of chopped herbs (I added mint, coriander and parsley)